January 5th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

New Technology Polka

My faithful HP 4500 color laserjet decided to act up before Yule. Oh, I could get it fixed, but it would cost--HP told me--between 500 and a thousand bucks. Or I could get a warranty--which I never used for five years while I had it--which costs over $500 a year, which doesn't go into effect for 30 days and which might not cover this. Plastic parts are broken, and the quality is iffy...

I went shopping and found a model that did everything I wanted but duplexing for 300. And a better one for a little more. And one with a fax and a copier for 900. The middle one looked perfect, except it wasn't in stock. The salesman checked with the warehouse to see if they had them; it would arriver in a week. But while he was on the phone with the warehouse, he noticed a brand new model that was just off the truck. So new that it hadn't been put on display. So new that no one else had bought it. And it had a copier/scanner built in. No fax, but I have a fax machine, and I haven't gotten any faxes for the past three years anyway. So guess what? Someone has bought one now.

It's a CM1017 MFP for them that care about such matters, and it's about two-thirds the size of my old printer, looking for all the world like a scale. It's faster, and the quality is higher. Toner cartridges cost about half of what the 4500's were, and a separate drum isn't needed. It'll pay for itself in a year.

I'm looking for a place to put it and have yet to connect it and try to make it play nice with the computer. Right now, I'm just trying to make all the cords reach...and trying to figure out what I should do with the old behemoth. It's too heavy to haul up into the attic to be stored in the dead tech graveyard until Arthur returns from the mystic isle of Avalon and it is needed again...
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