January 21st, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Maidens Aftermath Part One

Part One--the Down Side

Silly me. I thought Scadians knew how to read.

At Festival of Maidens this weekend, the only trouble came from peopl who ignored the published Rules of the Site. Who ignored when folk at the registration gate told them a rule. And turned belligerant when it was pointed out. Of course, I got to tell folk when I saw them breaking the rules, some of which would break our contract with the hotel. "Make a big sign someone said." But the big signs were ignored as completely as smaller signs. Next year, Myrra and I decided we needed pictograph signs :)

To come: Part Two--the Good Stuff (much longer)
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Viking Spongebob

Maidens Aftermath Part Two

Festival of Maidens 34 came and went, and on the whole were very successful. It was held at a hotel, with the fighting and craftsman fair took place in the attached mall (and was open to the curious public)

Ten great things from the weekend:

1) Fighting went on without incident
2) The Craftsman Fair was a serious success
3) Stores and turons really showed up and appreciated the show (and most of the Scadians seemed to like it as well)
4) Great support from old friends (hi Jen), proteges (hi Kate) and total strangers
5) The weather waited until after midnight to get sucky
6) Some of the day camps out in the public area were spectacular!
7) It was a windfall to the mall (possibly too much for a coffee shop that opened up three days before; we warned most other places, and they cooperated and really got a lot of extra business)
8) The hotel staff loves us (I've found that hotel staff generally like Scadian guests better than the run of the mill; Scadians say "Thanks"). One came back with her kids and is interested in joining (her daughter was drawn into the dancing, and she had a ball)
9) Parents read and followed the rules. We had to hold only one misbehaving kid in custody.
10) We set event records for heavy fighters in attendance (nearly 80), fencers in attendance (45, with 11 authorizations), a bunch of dancers, quite a few storytellers/skalds and more musicians than ever before (the complete Musica Subterranea plus at least six pick-up musicians)
11) (I know said ten, but I'm brain dead right now and can't count)I saw a lot of friends and only annoyed a couple of new folk