January 23rd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

It starts again

Maidens 34 ended on Sunday. On Monday, I started negotiations with the hotel for Maidens 35 (they're readying the contract) I think we got thru the glitches to get on thew kingdom calendar. Today, I spoke with the mall manager, and we're set up as a repeating event every third weekend of January. I've heard from Maidens staff who want to help again.

Glad I got to rest up. :)

I have to do inventory before Reenactor Fest in two weeks, and then I have to arrange our annual trip to NOLA (I made reservations at our favorite little kink-friendly inn down there), and we may be stopping by Gulf Wars again this year. April is full, with the Regia training event at the beginning of the month and a timeline at the end. May...well, this weekend folk were begging me to attend their events. June we do the Old English Fair and then it's July and Pennsic again (they're doing lectures on European martial arts, so they hope to have Regia warriors come in to talk). Then there might be another training event for Regia in California or Oregon. And then in October, real planning for Maidens starts.

Hmm. Seems like I have my year planned out. I'm glad I retired so that I'd have more time...
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Viking Spongebob

Birthday Prezzie

Just found out last night that "300" is being released on my birthday. Woo! A reason to look forward to my birthday!

And until then, I can just reread the Frank Miller graphic novel. He is one of the producers, and the promo I saw made the film look as if it was as faithful an adaptation of his work as *Sin City* was. Not accurate in the least, but with Frank, who needs facts?

"then we'll fight in the shade..."