January 24th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Oh dear

The kids got event directional signs out of the attic on Saturday morning (I forgot them; I knew I'd forget something!). Our little feral kitty, VI, snuck upstairs. Certainly not their fault, since VI is cunning and unscrupulous in the way that kitties are. She is rather reclusive and often disappears, hiding in the nooks and crannies for days. We though she was just doing it again. We heard an errant mewing now and again, but we thought it was some other cat complaining that the low-cal cat food was not fit for feline ingestion. Once, yesterday, I went to the attic door and called since there was meows and no one evidently responsible for them. This morning, Julie heard meowing and opened the door. VI didn't come down, but she moved. her new collar has a bell, and it tinkled. She came out of the darkness, came down and promptly hid.

We opened treat food, locked the other fellas out of the kitchen--V didn't like that and knows how to open the door, but we took her back out and stood guard so that V could emerge from the bedroom and drink & have her first food in four days.

She's forgiven us all. She's curled up with V and VIII, who didn't even do the Lassie thing and tell us she was upstairs, and she is letting me pet her and apologize. She's healthy, and she's still fit and active. Has she learned not to sneak up into the freezing attic? Probably not, but she is a smart little thing. The thought may actually flicker into her little mind :)
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Viking Spongebob


The University is holding Activity Day tonight. Since we're having our Regia training event in April on University property, we wanted to go and drum up interest. Get a few healthy young women involved, toss in some violence and you might attract a few young men (and maybe some more women, looking for men, women or violence) :)

After spending so much time getting stuff ready for Activity Day, I carefully read the instructions they had sent. getting ready for Maidens, I hadn't given them more than a cursory look. About halfway down the page, it said that check-in had to take place between 5 and 5:45 on Tuesday, 24 January.


Certainly an error, but did they mean Tuesday, 23 January or Wednesday, 24 January. I ring up the number attached. "Where did you get this?" sez the voice on the other end of the phone. You mailed it to me, I reply. "Wait a minute. I'll go check." An infinity passes, and she finally returns to the phone. "Oh, that should read Wednesday," she sez. My heart resumes beating.

So my efforts weren't in vain--so far. More later!

ADDED LATER: Well, at least it got us organized for Reenactor Fest. Most of the people stopping by were Asian exchange students who didn't understand what was going, and everyone disappeared about 9 when the bars get hopping. By 9:30, the place was a ghost town, so we pissed in the campfire and headed home.
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