January 25th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

*cough* *sniffle*

The change in weather, the damn snow, the post-natal depression after the end of Maidens, they all ganged up on me. It started as a dull pain in the throat. It's now just a rawness in the throat and a sniffle. Oh, and a an upset stomach but that's from the Zinc I've been almost mainlining.

I had Activity Day last night. Today, I had to do laundry like a faithful house husband for my sweeties today and now I'm mostly sleeping. I feel better, a little draggy but better, and maybe I'll be able to get enough rest in the next couple days to kayo it. After all, this is the first weekend in two months that my little sweetie and I will both be in town. We're planning on a leather munch (the three of us), then Borders and then something sweet, sexy and gentle. Gotta be healthy by then! So chugging aspirins and zinc, drinking tomato soup, attacking oranges and cuddling with the fellas (V has developed a fondness for burrowing under the blankets and falling asleep rolled in to me). And "My Name Is Earl" is tonight! They do say laughter is the best medicine...
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