January 26th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

A Minor Brainstorm

I have them sometimes. Honest! :)

I had to returned signed paperwork and check to the hotel and mall to reserve the area for next Maidens anyway. I asked Wade, the mall manager, what would be the [possibility of renting out a store front for day. (the mall is half empty, which is why they like us there so much even if we disrupt the routine of some mall walkers) Figured we could put some or maybe all the SCA vendors into the storefront and attract not only the Scadians only watching the fighting but some of the public as well.

Well, if there are empty store fronts, Wade said he'd let us use them for $50 apiece. Before I pat myself on the back, of course, we're seeing whether the vendors think it's a good idea. But at least another example of why a vendor should always manage the vendors AFAIK!
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