January 30th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Random Bits of Reality

1. Today both of my sweeties had hospital appointments. At different hospitals. And both took longer than anticipated, so they were at the same time. I was driving to and fro, dealing with indignant nurses who wondered what was more important than being at their hospital *right now.* I was afraid that I was going to have to go to the hospital myself about halfway thru. But my sweeties were nice and cooperative, and we got everyone to their destinations when they were supposed to. Then I--my day started before five--got to nap until the phone woke me up. I planned to go to bed after House, but...

2. Speaking of which, tonight's House was incredible. With the damned multi-part nasty policeman arc over, they concentrated on a small and much more humorous episode that showed House in a very sympathetic and revealing manner. Hugh Laurie is great! I can't wait to buy season three!

3. My Big Sweetie was prescribed vicodin today. At the pharmacy, the pharmacist asked, "Has she used vicodin before?" I almost yes, until I realized that that was House. And gee, according to the instructions, you don't take a handful of them whenever you want. I'll never trust TV again

4. My old behemoth of a printer was slow and energy munching. But it put out a lot of heat. In the winter, the room was comfortable. This new bugger is energy efficient, and I have to run my space heater to keep feeling in my toes. But it's also faster, with better quality, and it cost about a fifth of the old one. Hmmm...trade offs!

5. Cats V, VI and VIII are in a pile in the middle of my bed, looking like an Escher drawing if escher drew cats instead of hands. VIII, the big boy, is on the bottom but pillowing his head on VI who is lying over him and V, who is sprawled on VIII. VII is still running around like a maniac, but he's always like that. He eats as much as VIII but is only about a third of the size...

6. Looking forward to Reenactor Fest. I don't have the costuming conundrums and conflicts that seamstrix is having, but I'm also devoting my entire time to Regia. Oh, and selling and pimping the April timeline. Hmm. Maybe I'll be as busy as she will be even if I don't change clothes and eras every ten minutes :)
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