February 1st, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Ready for Reenactor Fest

Spent all of last night doing inventory and selecting titles to sell at Reenactor Fest. Getting costume and paperwork together today, and we leave tomorrow morning. Three days of people who won't give you funny looks or death threats when you say "Viking reenactors look stupid in eyeglasses."

Been much too long since I've done an all-eras show. The last time, I had to spend most of my time defending a Superficially Similar Society that I belonged to. This time I have a serious alternative to pimp!

Must remember my camera to shoot the ball. Celtic, renaissance, colonial, ACW and WWII dances in full (often inappropriate) kit. I can't wait to see Elizabethans doing swing dances :)
Viking Spongebob

Bye for Now!

See ya at Reenactor Fest!

And I even remembered what we forgot: money for the till. We can hit the bank on the way out of town :)