February 8th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Regia Stuff

At our MF meeting at Reenactor Fest, we decided to check with Ana Deisler (www.AnaPeriodShoes.com) about possible benefits of a group order. It might significantly lower bank and shipping fees. If anyone in the Micel Folcland land grant (Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana) is interested in sending off for shoes (Ana is the recommended Regia shoemaker), get hold of me. I expect we'll come up with a deadline for orders soon.

Mark & Beth (from Canada) are planning to come down for the Eostre Training Event and can have spearheads, axes and seaxes made by a blacksmith up in Toronto. She notes:

"Hi everyone,

"Mark and I will be attending the training weekend at Easter, and as many
of you know we have a local welder who makes spearheads, axeheads, seax
blades, etc. These are all mild steel, so no swords. All have rebated (
3mm or thicker ) edges, rounded points on the axes, seaxes, and thicker
( about 7/16" ball ) points on the spears. This should meet the current
MAA specs for weapons. These are the same ones we had at Pennsic this year.

"We are about to place an order with our welder, so if anyone would like
something specific for us to bring with us at Easter, please let us know.

"Here's a price list:
Seax blades ( about 8" blade ) $15
Small axeheads ( bearded, long bearded, or straight ) $35
Large "Danish" axeheads $45
Small spearheads ( about 4" blade ) $35
Large spearheads ( about 8" blade ) $45

"-Beth Patchett

Go directly thru her if you want to order weaponry for the Eostre event. If you contact me privately, I'll slip you her addy. I hope that we'll get a few extras for group use.
Viking Spongebob


I feel like a slug. Right now, it's -3, we have the thermostat set at 55 and I don't feel like doing anything. Housework, Pennsic applications, orders and stuff I shoulds do for April pile up. All I can think of is the trip next month to NOLA...or at least think about long enough to do something. I want the weather to be warmer, the damn snow to vanish and me to get my butt in gear.

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