February 12th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Chirurgeons Forever!

Or at least for now.

On a journal recently, folk were talking about how being a PC SCA caused some changes in SCA nomenclature, and the fact that it seemed that "chirurgeon" was being replaced by "first-aider" at least in their kingdom and opined that the BoD was doing it. After consulting with a friend who consulted with the (Midrealm) chiruregeon who consulted with his kingdom superior, the following came back: "She was very surprised and had not heard the rumors and assured me they were not true. The Chirurgeons are supported by the BOD and ALL Society officers."

With relief from someone who remembers the days when the onlyd medical officer at many events was a guy in Arabic dress, who would run onto the field with robes flying, crying "MEDIC!"

Cheers, Folo