February 16th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Ooh, a Geeky Film meme!

Vikinged from the monastery of danabren

Post a favorite line from a film here. Any film. Don't tell me what film it is. Then go tell someone else to do it, or pimp it in your LJ or something.

"We're pilgrims to nowhere, and we have arrived."
Viking Spongebob

Good Bye to Chief Illini

The University of Illinois' embarrassing racial stereotype and mascot is out! The UI announced this morning that the chief--an icon that has engendered plenty of controversy and hate speech ("Let's bury a hatchet in that Indian bitch's head for opposing the Chief"), but it took economic matters--the NCAA announced no lucrative post-season games on the campus until the stereotype was retired--to cause the Board to make this decision.

So, no more whitebread frat boys prancing around at half time, at least in Sioux buckskin with orange-and-blue feathers. A friend bemoaned the persecution of True Believes ("We love the Chief! We're not denigrating him!"), and there have been billboards, bumper stickers and plenty of editorials that parrot that view. Maybe they can go now and urge that Pekin, Illinois reinstate its old mascot, the Pekin Chink, that was phased out a while back ("We love the little gook. We're not denigrating any chink!")