February 27th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Inspections at Eostre!

This just came from Hazel Uzzell with a request that I pass it on to folk who might be interested. this will happen at our Eostre Training Event on 5-10 April in Urbana, Illinois. Hopefully it can show people that inspections are a great experience, not something to fear!

Hi all,
this is really for Regia members, or anyone thinking of joining who has kit.
This will be a golden opportunity to bring your kit along to have it 'looked
at' even if you don't plan to wear it.
We are really very reasonable people, so don't be scared! Jon has been known
to be a little ascerbic at times, but a threat to grass him up to his wife
or mother-in-law usually does the trick....and he does have a very great
knowledge of the period.
We will all be bringing a set of normal everyday kit and will definately be
wearing it for the Banquet.