March 4th, 2007

Viking Spongebob


I have no car. Okay, I actually have a physical car, but my tag sticker is out of date. The renewal arrived, and I was in the middle of stuff and told my big sweetie to remind me about it in a week or two. She got busy too. The blizzard struck. And it turned up again yesterday.


I learned about it about half an hour before everything closed. I called my bank; the lobby was not open, and they only sold stickers in the lobby. I got hold of a bank that had stickers and were open. I sped over there, and they didn't have February stickers and couldn't give me a March sticker. I called DMV; they were closing at noon, ten minutes from when I called them, and they are on the other side of town. It usually takes twenty minutes to get there if I'm lucky. They are closed until Tuesday (yes, they have a 2-1/2 day weekend!). I called the police and was told that I could drive...if I felt lucky (I didn't). So, I'm on foot for a few days :\

To make matters worse, it's snowing again, nd there was another cold snap. I had the doors open couple days ago, just to get some air. Not now...

My little sweetie and I were having a date last night. I walked in the snow to her apartment and then we walked to a nearby restaurant. I was ready to head home, but...there was a hour and a half delay as we played parchesi. Got home, feeling tired and exhausted, and worked on the orogram booklet for Eostre.

On the way to the apartment, I took a fall. Most of the sidewalks were fairly clear, but about three blocks from my house, the house owner apprently had never touched the snow on the sidewalk. Our walk is clear by now, and most of the yard is bare. But there was a frigging drift in front of this house! I decided to walk out into the road instead of doing a Sgt. Preston, stepped on an incline that was sheer ice but didn't look like it. Legs fell out from beneath me, and I did a classic prat fall except that my prat felt like hell afterwards. I got up painfully and hobbled on. About halfway there, a friend saw me and picked me up. I was planning to walk to get ready for walking in NOLA, but to hell with that!

Did I mention I hate winter and snow/ice?

So I'm in pain, carless and wishing I had some soup left. Maybe I'll get stuff into the attic; maybe I'll just do the dishes. I dunno. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion...
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