March 6th, 2007

Viking Spongebob


Time flies when you've having fun :) My office is pretty well cleaned, my part of the store room looks good, the kitchen is so clean you can eat off it, and I'm halfway thru the bathroom. I should finish the bathroom tomorrow, then head out to the front room and then put everything in the attic and finish the den (my back should feel up to it by then). By that point, it might be warm enough to work on the front porch. With time for cleaning the hot tub and giving the house a final cleaning (with four kitties, you always have to do final cleaning, even after you do the final cleaning), and we're ready for our visitors from the UK. And a few home-grown Saxons who are crashing at our place, but they will know that the clean house is an aberration. Oh, and a side trip to NOLA just to keep us on our toes!

Remember, 5-10 April in Urbana, Illinois. We're gonna party like it's 999.

We're getting publicity posters up, fielding questions from the media and I'll be taping for a local tv show on Thursday (right after a dental exam). Getting last minute things taken care of--at least one Brit likes double Oreos--and trying like hell to remember what I may have forgotten.

Oh, and anyone need any medicine from the Eisenhower era? It's kind of like living history...
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