March 20th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

I knew James Bond......

...and Daniel Craig is no James Bond.

I bought and watched "Casino Royale," and I kept hoping that the real Bond--almost any of them but Roger Moore--would appear and bitch slap the imposter. It wasn't a matter of it showing Bond at the start of his career, it was just that he never even remotely approached by idea of what Bond was, physically as well as emotionally. The ending in which he intones the familiar "Bond...James Bond" was probably supposed to be the "ah ha" birth of Bond moment, sort of like the last scene in "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly," but just seemed like the kid trying on his dad's shoes for the first time.

The storyline was adequate, but it suffered from the dichotomy of trying to be more realistic and still have the expected over the top stunts. And why the hell are they trying to be au currant and trendy. Some of the cinematic tricks in this and the last few movies are just jarring. They are great for "Lucky Number Sleven" and "Pulp Fiction," but they just jar in traditional films such as the Bonds. If this is what they need to do to keep the Bond franchise commercially viable, it might be time to let it die a merciful death. I don't look to the Bond films for cutting edge cinematic techniques any more than I read a Doc Savage for stream-of-consciousness prose!

And I hope that Craig is another Lazenby. Bring back Brosnan. Or Dalton. Or hell, even good old Sean!

(and wouldn't it be kick-ass if a former Bond were to be the villain in a new Bond film? That was fun with Jock Mahoney in the Tarzan franchise!)
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