March 26th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Early Morning Call

So I was lying in bed a bit after six, watching "Civil War Journal" on the History Channel when the phone rang. A cell phone from my area code, that early in the morning; immediately, I thought there had been another family emergency, and I dove for the phone.

Rather, it was the owner of Rockome Gardens, down in Arcola. He had seen the bit I taped for Channel 15 and is interested in having Micel Folcland do an encampment down there. I'll talk to their director mid-week for specifics.

I'm very excited. *This* is the reason we got away from the SCA into accurate medieval reenacting!

Rockome Gardens is sort of an Amish Disneyland if you have never been there, set in the heart of the Illinois Amish country. The gentleman notes that he purchased it year ago and is trying to get it revitalized. That includes doing living history shows down there. They just did a buckskinning event and will be doing several other eras. the gentleman had no idea that living history ran this early (we might have to prominently feature the Vinland expeditions for a tie-in) but seemed enthusiastic.

Worth my heart nearly stopping. Well, nearly :)

If you have never been to Rockome, their web site is 9NOTE CORRECTED ADDY; MEA CULPA!).
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