March 27th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

gearing Up for the Dark Ages

Tired and aching. Hauling heavy boxes to the attic, but cleaning the house is getting down to completion. I'll start on the porch tomorrow and change the water in the hot tub, and then I'll do the final vacuuming, mopping, dusting and then sweeping when the fellas muck it up again. By the time that the Regia Expeditionary Force gets here, there's a chance that they won't think I live in a pig sty...

Julie and I are getting excited. Pretty soon, we'll start finding out everything we don't know! We're starting to get questions from locals, and even with last-minute cancellations, over thirty interested persons are expected to be there from around North America. If you're interested in Dark Ages reenacting, in the area of Urbana, Illinois, and free on at least one of the event's days, please stop by. Saturday will be the big day, with dancing and cooking as well as rebated-steel combat. And except for having to pay for attending the evening banquet, it's free!

There's also going to be an auction. For further details on the schedule and other information, feel free to mosey by
Viking Spongebob

Sherlock Holmes & Hot Sauce

No. they don't have anything in common.

But I'm watching Christopher Lee as the great detective with Patrick MacNee as Watson. A little-known production from the early 1990s, and it's fun. Lee--who als played Mycroft years ago--is a perfect Holmes, while MacNee is a more than perfect Watson: blustery, a little clueless but very capable. Not for an instant do you wonder why Holmes would put up with him.

I'm watching "Incident at Victoria Falls" right now. It's a two-episode mini-series. there's another film with the pair; I'll save it and savor it later! If you run across these films, I recommend that you take pains to watch them!

And now, hot sauce. As friends know, I'm an aficianado of hot sauces. For Yule, my Little Sweetie got me membership in a hot sauce of the month club--she knows the way to my heart!--and the new shipment arrived today. One is a little runny--I like hot sauce that surges like a slug down my palate; Scorned Woman is still my favorite, but I had a Jamaican sauce lately that was pretty good--but the other looks exquisitely chunky. Seeds and other demetris floating lazily in the dark red miasma! I want to savor it! Thanks, sweetie! I love you even if my lips burn off and I can't kiss you!