April 2nd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

So Begins the Week

Today, I'm sore and wounded and frustrated by a new door installed this weekend (it's sticking--sometimes--and I can't tell why!). I head over to Forest Glen to talk timeline this morning, and I mop this afternoon. Then I try not to mess things up until tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I head up to O'Hare to pick up the Regia Expeditionary Force! Wednesday is a day of recover from flight, time change and the changing Illinois weather, then on thursday, we put them to work.

We are all excited. The Eostre Training Event will take place across five days, and it is designed so that you can show up for some or all of it. We have members coming in from around the States and Canada for the event, including the grand-daddy of Regia in the States, George Johnson (who just deposited his thesis. Go George!). Scadians might recognize him as Duke Talymar gan y Llyn. And other neat folk as well.

If you are in the area and interested in things Norse and Dark Agey, I hope you'll show up for part of the event. It's free, and it should be fun. Saturday night, there'll even be a banquet! The web site has been updated and now includes the menu for the banquet as well as the tentative schedule. It's at http://www.advancenet.net/folo/TrainingWeekend.htm.