April 5th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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Today was the REF's first full day in the States, and they took it easy. Went out walkies this morning, and I took them on a tour of the three sites we're using for the event, then to the library this afternoon. Julie had arranged courtesy cards for them,. and they explored the stacks. At three, we all went to the local comic shop for new funny books, and I introduced them to my pal, Mark, the owner. Then Jon wanted to hit GMart (the other comic/gaming store in town, which has an internet presence, so he knew about it). While Jon and Jenny went there with me, Hazel and Ian stopped at a Starbucks. After a couple hours discussing authenticity regs, I met Julie at a poly munch. The REF didn't come along, but one of the people at the munch is a textile geek and will prolly come over to talk with Hazel sometime while they're in town. She wants to make the textile sessions, but her life is crazy right now so she isn't certain she can make it. Back at home--I got Jenny a porto bello sandwich at the bar we held the munch in--we swapped lies for a while, and Ian got photo copying of handouts done for today while we discuss accuracy matters again (it's so nice to talk with someone who "gets it").

I did work this morning, some more this afternoon to get ready for the training event. Haven't heard from anyone else, but they should be getting in town last night or early today. babs3406 arrives today (seamstrix has a new job and won't be able to make it until Friday night, but she's baking Anglo-Saxon bread right now for the banquet), Babs and I open the MF checking account today, and Seamstrix will do her part during lobby hours on Saturday (all members of the Board have to sign at the bank).

Classes start at noon today at the local library (no room in the Illini Union), and we discuss internal Regia affairs today. Besides folk from Micel Folcland, folk from Geforthian Strand and Wynmerestow show up today (we don't know whether anyone from the Danelaw is showing up, while no one is apparently coming from Bjornstad and Westmearc out on the West coast).

On a personal level, my little sweetie has come down with the creeping crude and is feeling pretty punk. She is, of course, driving herself too hard when she should be resting because that' the sort of person she is :\ She couldn't make the munch, and I'll be taking medicine and juice over to her today. I'd like her to meet the REF and come to the banquet, but right now, everything's up in the air. Extreme sympathy to her. If she's reading this, hugs.