April 6th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

From the Wrath of the North WindDefend Us!

Argh! I had expected the main problem for the Eostre banquet to be rain, and there were porches, pavilions (wood and canvas), etc. Four days ago, the temperature was in the 80s. Tomorrow, during the banquet, it's supposed to be 19 degrees. The cold and snow(!) has already kept two from attending; today, we'll find out how it affects others.

Nineteen degrees. That's fahrenheit, and that sucks. the average temperature for around here during early April is the mid sixties. And here we are, forty degrees below.

Shoehorning thirty folk into my house, alon with the four visitors and all their stuff. Well, Regia will be a close friendly environment :)

On the other hand, the seminars are going splendidly. We had a lively discussion yesterday, and the library has a new coffee shop. We went out to our favorite bar/restaurant last night and pretty well took over the fron room. Inside, it's warm and cozy, and we're hot with the desire to learn. The only problem is that I may miss a few sessions trying to scare up a larger indoor place to feast...