April 12th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Dat SCA meme

Seen this in too many places and now relaxed enough to answer...

1. What/when was your first event?
North Woods Coronation-Crown, October 1972.

2. What was your first war?
Pennsic 2.

3. What is your favorite part of an event/war?
Getting to meet people who "get it," who don't cock their heads incredulously at you when you make what you think is a forthright statement.

4. What A&S skill/talent do you have or wish you had?
Music. I blame for my folks for thinking it was extraneous and unneeded.

5. Why did you choose the elements of your Coat of Arms/device?
Death heads are kewl. Or so I thought when I was 18...

6. Favorite SCA song?
Probably Michael Longcor's "Chain Mail Mama," but Erica Neely's "Scadian Girl" is a close second

7. Favorite garb?

8. Best advice received/given?
"Never attribute to malice what can easily be attributed to stupidity."

9. What is one thing you would like to change about the SCA?
Get members to obey the rules as stated in the governing documents.

10. Why do you do this hobby?
Because I found it before I found any other living history. And now I have too many good friends in it to totally turn my back on it.
Viking Spongebob

Training End

I took the Regia Expeditionary Force to O'Hare today and bade them good bye. Had a great time with them, staying up too late and talking and never getting done everything you wanted to. Thanks guys! When I got back, I collapsed and just slept on a mattree for the first time in several days. What I am doing tomorrow? Oh...sleeping...

It was snowing in Chicago. Snowing! It was over 50 degrees and raining off and on down here, but it was in the high 20s and snowing in Chicago! WTF...!

Got that out of my system. Ahem...

Yesterday, there was only one out of town person still at the seminar. The Brits outnumbered the colonials. We cancelled our room at the Union and remained comfortably at my house (marred only when Andrea, walking the few blocks from her hotel to the house, went west instead of east when she started out...). Lots of fun and lots of questions (on both sides). We watched the doc, "Opening Doors" about living-history interpretation and then discussed it, just the way you were supposed to (it was a training vid of sorts for Conner Prairie). For dinner, we went to Cracker Barrel (because of something that Jon Said). The REF loved it and and spent a long time roaming the shop and buying stuff :) We talked a lot about Brit and Yank terms for the same things. Then we went home (dropped Andrea off at her hotel) and talked until Ian at last said, "We'd better get *some* sleep."

Now starts the task of recleaning the house, filing the copious papers and notes and getting ready for the timeline at the end of the month. But first...sleep...

And it was farging *snowing* in Chicago! On 11 April! maybe that's not out of my system...