April 20th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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Yesterday was the Timeline photo op. I convinced my little Sweetie--thanks, hon--to come ot and slip into renaissance drag. It was lucky; the park ranger who promised to show up in colonials was out of sorts and didn't. It took longer to get dressed in historic clothing than to pose for the photog. *click click* "I'm done. I'm visiting the birds because I want to photograph them..."

Uh, yeah...

What I didn't know is that Susan, the park director, had arranged for an article as well. So we spent entire;y too much time waxing rhapsodic over historical recreation, even if the reporter and the director seemed to be old friends and often veered into conversations about cheese with wasabi, olive oil with corks and windows in old mansions. I tried to resist saying, "But we're here to talk about the Timeline..." (too much) but my Sweetie just prettily said, "I've got to get back to work" and got us out.

Uncertain when the article will appear. But at least, in the surprising chilly weather, we did our bit to let people know about living history and the Timeline!

Tomorrow, I do the tent frame. I just have to cut a few planks using the old ones as a frame (with bigger holes; the old ones were too tight after the wood swelled; I had to hammer them apart, and a couple were fractured). It's supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow...wrong weekend. We need the *next* weekend to be nice!
Viking Spongebob

Eostre Chronicle

Here is an account of what we did at the Eostre Training Event. The fact that I am hiding it behind a cut does not in any way mean that I think it is boring or that the efforts of the Regia Expeditionary Force were not most Herculean and appreciated. Thanks, guys, and to the North!

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