April 26th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Dis, Dat and Da Udder Ting

1. I head out to Forest Glen to mark out the layout (and take out my tent frame so I don;t have to strap them to the top of the van). I probably could do it tomorrow, but it'll keep me busy :) Besides, it's such a beautiful gray overcast day for a drive!

2. My Little Sweetie is moving to a place farther away but, paradoxically, easier to reach than her current place (in campustown, so it's filled with no parking spaces, drunken students, loud music and assorted pan-handlers; I can't stay overnight because no parking is allowed from 2 to 6, and something always seems to be the matter with her apartment building). The new place has more space as well, and she's very excited. We've been going out for almost eight years (I like those fleeting one-night stands), and she's finding a lot of stuff I lent her over the years as she's cleaning for the move. Some I remembered, some I didn't. Now *I* have to find a place to store them (and she is, I think, delighted). Now we just have to conscript people to help move (I like my idea of getting a trampoline and just shoving stuff out of the third-floor window; for some reason that doesn't appeal to her as much...).

3. I''ve found a place that will order ash for spear shafts! After this weekend, I'll probably get around to it. Jon, from the REF visit, is making up an essay on constructing spears and shields, so I might even know what I'm doing!

4. We're going to start writing a test for new members of Micel Folcland, using a couple used in England to help acclimate new members. When I looked at them, I was appalled at what *I* didn't know! It basically tests what a person knows about the era so that, on the ropeline, they sound as if they know something, not that they're making up stuff like the typical Superficially-Similar-Other-Society goob!

5. It's not raining. Time to load lumber in the van!
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Okay, name doppelgangers. There are people across all the lists I belong to who have incredibly similar names. So I don't know sometimes that the guy on RevList isn't the guy on the Regia list, sometimes I almost delete a post on Regia list becaue I think for a minute it's posted by a guy on an SCA list. Sometimes the difference is just a letter or two (Andrew, not Drew for example), and it's worst when one person is warm, friendly and informative while the other is a waste of good DNA...

Okay, really off to lift lumber now...
Viking Spongebob

Just an Observation

I don't watch much network television these days. Oh, I use it as background noise, but I really only watch three shows: House, Scrubs and My Name Is Earl.

The last few days, I've been watching a few tv series: WKRP (at last! "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"), Wild Wild West, House (duh). I've gotten used to no commercials...

And the last commercial break on My Name Is Earl was about six minutes. They could have previewed a new show there! When the DVD compilation comes, the episodes will be about four and a half minutes long!

And how soon will the teevee DVDs come with a new bonus feature: "All the original commercials exactly where they first appeared!"
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