May 2nd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

This and That

1. We are going round and round with a potential Micel Folcland member who doesn't seem to understand that group membership is required for participation and access to resources. She's SCA, so she doesn't seem to understand that we are not inclusive and have requirements that we actually enforce! We don't want bragging rights about how big we are but rather about how good we are. We've gone round and round, and our messages have become increasingly blunt, and she still does not understand. She's in her own little universe, and it's very frustrating. The bad thing is that she'd probably make a good member, and no one just wants to write her off (as we've dome to a few others). But she's making things more complicated than they should be, and it's so very tiring!

2. We have a wish list of things that we want for the Micel Folcland camp. Some are fairly simple--loaner costumes for people wanting to try it out--and then some are a bit more--a drakkar. A wooden shovel and a riveted cauldron have been most elusive but most desired.

3. I bought a new camera yesterday. My old Fuji was beginning to act up, and some of the memory cards--the big suckers--are wearing down from use. The new camera is a Kodak Easy Shot, with a greater quality of shots and features than many cameras that cost upto twice as much. Miss Julie will eventually get my old one, after I feel comfortable with the new one. Any models out there who want me to help me test its features?

4. I think there's an SCA event this weekend I want to head out to. It's supposed to be another great weekend.

5. Just heard that Tom Poston died. Bummer.

6. Working on a book for dealing with tourists while on the ropeline. As I've noted, there are many folk unused to dealing with public hours (I've had some Scadians laugh about the idea) and the ropeline itself. Yet I find their use much more satisfying than the free-form approach espoused by the SCA. I hope that I can convey the intense satisfaction and enjoyment that it entails, although I harbor as much hope of universal understanding as I do when I explain that accuracy is fun.

7. Working on the Micel Folcland test as well. Not a pass/fail or "you have to know these answers to be on the line," but rather a way to get members to think, to improve their impression and knowledge. I certainly know that's I'm learning stuff just writing it!
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