May 8th, 2007

Viking Spongebob


Had to give my little sweetie a ride at 7:30. AM. That's in the morning. I'm not certain I've ever seen her *awake* that early, so I was pleasantly surprised that she seemed her normal sunny self (but I think a nap is lurking in her future...). My big sweetie made certain that I was on time (she's a good co-wife!). I'm back home, ready to get down to work. After the Today show...

I'm in the middle of two books right now. I probably won't have as many books for Pennsic as I usually do, but I've finished the big moneymakers. What are left are the books I want to write, and I've been so busy with Micel Folcland. But I do have a couple books underway on living-history philosophy and how-to, and

Next week my little sweetie and I head down to New Salem and the Lincoln Presidential Museum (I haven't been there yet, and she's sweet enough to indulge me even if it's not really her cup of tea). It's been a while since we got away, and I'm looking forward to getting her away, alone, with none of her students around to compete with me for her attention!