May 9th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

A Modest Proposal

Sitting here at my desk at 4 in the morning. It is hot, and it puts me in mind of a suggestion I like to make every year.

I work at home. I haven't used air conditioning for years. Not necessarily because of cost. Not necessarily because I'm being green. Not necessarily because I don't want to lug the air conditioner down from the attic to see if it still works. No, for a much more frivolous reason.

I want to be ready for reenactments in the hot weather.

Even though I don't have wool clothes on right now--I have hardly any clothes on now--I feel that I'm better ready to step out into the outside during the reenactment, "roughing" it and not falling victim to heat exhaustion. When I was working in an office, ac blasting there and at home, making the transition to the outdoors was sometimes a bit difficult. But now I sweat, and I accustom myself to working in the warmth. If the weather is really oppressie, I find natural ways around the discomfort (air drying after a shower is sometimes heaven). I try to walk outside in the warmer part of the day. I don't go so far as to carry weights unnecessarily, but I don't shy away from it if necessary. After all, mankind existed for three or four years before ac was invented!

Oh, I don't do stupid things. You have to know your limitations. When it's downright *hot,* I'm not going to test myself. I'm going to try to haul heavy stuff around during the cooler--though not necessarily the coolest--parts of the day. And I'm not going to go into the attic at noon.

But I know that when I camp at a reenactment, I'm not going to be hideously affected. I know that I won't just be lying in the shade or trying to find a cool clothing alternative.

Many of you are in similar positions. Try this. You might work indoors with flatlanders who think they will die if it gets above 72, but that does not mean that you cannot try to avoid the ac otherwise. Try sleeping with the window or door open and no ac running. Try driving around with the window down. especially before an event--such as the two weeks outdoors at Pennsic--try to get away from the tyranny of the ac. Don't be foolish. Don't press it if it's really hot. Don't press it if it's dangerous to your health (but in that case, you would probably not want to do an outdoor encampment in the first place!) Don't do something dangerous ("Hi, I did calisthenics in 100-degree heat."). But try it, and see if you don't feel better when you're forced to be outdoors!
Viking Spongebob

Technology fandango

When I go away next week, I'll prolly take our old laptop. It still mostly works...

But the process to get the files from it to my new computer is incredibly labor intensive.

The laptop uses 3.5 inch disks and has no USB port (it has room for it but was apparently on the last computers made without one). So I have to copy it off on a 3.5 disk.

At home, I take it over to my old computer, which has both a 3.5 and USB ports. I hope the 3.5 drive still works (I haven't used it for a while), copy the file onto the hard disk. then using my USB Storage device, I copy it over.

My new computer has no 3.5 drive, but it has beaucoup USB drives. So I plug in the memory stick and, just like magic, it's ready to be formtted with my updated software. Woo.

I'm not asking for recommendations or suggestions, and I scarcely think this will be a usual thing, but when you consider the laptop is less than ten years old, it is both amusing and thought provoking...