May 16th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Hearth Night II

The second Micel Folcland Hearth Night has been confirmed for the weekend of 26-28 October at Forest Glen, near Westville, Illinois. Micel Folcland, Inc. is the Wisconsin-Indiana-Illinois branch of Regia Anglorum, a serious living history group recreating the cultures of the British Isles between 950 and 1066 CE. For more information,

Here's a preliminary press release on the hearth night:

Micel Folcland Hearth Night
Forest Glen Pioneer Cabin
26-28 October

Nonmembers may attend two Micel Folcland events without becoming members

Limited sleeping spaces available in the cabin; tent space available
Period tents not required
Period clothing not required
Firewood, electricity, refrigeration, showers and flushies available

Memberships will be sold at the event

For more information:
Hearth Night will be the last possible date to give Babette 2008 memberships for a first shipment

Hearth Night will be a time to get together, foster a familial feeling and to work on various projects. We will be able to show photographs from the west coast training session, videos on Hasting, training and more; movies of interest and more

Subjects include:
Cooking (over a fire using period methods)
Kids' Games
Textiles (personal and household)
Women's headgear
Weaving and looms
The exact list will be dependent on the availability of teachers and level of interest. If there is a subject you would like to see added, please let me know!