May 21st, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Odds (very odd) an Ends

My sweetie and I leave today for Springfield for a couple days. We're hitting the Lincoln Presidential Library and New Salem. In the evening, she has the semi-transparent shirt I got her in NOLA, and a new mini-skirt (actually skort which is the fashion abomination that is so popular this season). She doesn't really care a hang about Lincoln--he hardly ever danced--and she's doing this to humor me. My sweetie is a sweetie!

Until she's ready to go, I have trips to the bank and other errands to do. I have a full day's schedule to get done before she even gets up!

I am a little bummed. Our insurance provider might not be accepted at our doctors any more, so we might have to change. We've had it for twenty years or so, and it's been great. When I was in the hospital for six weeks during my stroke, it cost a hundred bucks! And I cannot fin my third spear head. I had it with me at the lumber yard, and I have the other sheet I had with me there, so I probably brought it in and put it somewhere stoopid. But I'm running out of stupid places to look...

But Dan got me an ash shaft, and I've got it sanded and planed and ready to accept a spearhead. When I get back, I'll be annealing nails and riveting it in place. Jon from england is supposed to be sending me construction instructions for spears and shields, but they haven't arrived yet. I may not be trimming the shaft length and using it for display until I can mount it properly!

ADDED: I forgot to mention this. Last night, I got MapQuest to work and plotted our route to the west Coast for the September regia training. I was hoping to stop at Mount rushmore and then at yellowstone along the way. It conveniently breaks down into average 12-hour driving segments! We'll be taking off for the practice, making scenic stops along the way, spend a day or two at the event, see some pals in Portland. Then I'll head back home, and Julie will spend some more time with friends out there.
Viking Spongebob

Themed SCA Events

martelvonc was talking about themed events in the SCA. I love them and wish that there were more in this area. Unfortunately, this area seems to have a reticence toward having themed events--maybe everybody is so ingrained in their impressions that they don;t want to explore other impressions, which is a good and an understandable attitude, or they just don't want to impose any restrictions on what people wear--which leads to such abominations as the short tight Chinese velvet skirt at the last event I went to, imminently suitable for fetish night at the local bar but not so much for a supposed medieval reenactment, and therefore neither as good nor as understandable).

Opinions? Me? Naaahhhh....