May 22nd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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back from Springfield. New Salem was fun as ever, with some very nice interpreters who are more than willing to go the extra mile when you exhibit a little interest and knowledge. Really good interpreters, the kind I hope I can be at events. But the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum...

My word! aztecknight was right. I loved it. It exceeded my expectations, with cutting edge technology, an effective series of exhibits, a sense of humor and a nice self-guided tour. The only problem was the lighting on some exhibits of original documents, which could have been a matter of protection. The staff was friendly and helpful (the woman in front of the White House section had a great sense of humor). Things were white washed, of course--you don't mention the nasty facts about an icon in front of a million screaming school kids--but at least they tried to peer behind the iconic mask. Even my sweetie was enthralled (it's not that she doesn't care about history, she told me, but she's not an obessibe geek [was she referring to me?]. Well worth the admission fee; I'm planning to head back with my big sweetie as well. Photos were allowed only in the big vestibule; I have some shots up at

The only drawback was the million screaming kids, hopped up on sugar (presumably) and not well managed by their chaperones. I was elbowed and jostled and pushed aside by the unpologetic little urchins, and my sweetie had her feet stomped as well. She was wondering if they ever had kid-free days, and it would have certainly improved an adult's visit!