May 26th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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Staying home for Memorial Day. Certainly not heading to Crown! Another example of why hard work for the SCA is sometimes not rewarded in the manner you expect.

So I'm working on Regia matters. Using the advice of the training vid from Connor Prairie, I'm rewriting our trifold for Regia. I'm working on the program I'm giving at a local library (and turning into a book). Probably finishing the mounting of my spearhead even though I don't have the promised procedures yet (it'll be for display purposes only!) Binding a book of St. Wulfstan's homilies. And I should do some bone- and wood-working.

It should be cheaper than heading anywhere for the holiday. I may even walk to the leather munch (it's only ten blocks away)!

And I'm starting to get models for my annual living-history pin-up calendar. If there's anyone nearby out there who would like to volunteer as a model, just drop me a line!
Viking Spongebob

Happy Birthday, Pilgrim

Pull the birthday cakes in a circle. If John Wayne were alive today, he'd have his name read on the Today show by Willard Scott! Go see one of his good films (or "The Conqueror" if you just want a chuckle).

Top 5 John Wayne Films (imo):
The Searchers
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Fort Apache
The Shootist
Big Jake (Wayne and Richard Boone; how can you go wrong if you stay away from the Alamo)