June 1st, 2007

Viking Spongebob

One More try

Okay, imagine it's 9 pm last night, Studio 60 is on and epoxy is dripping from my eyebrows...

I just epoxied my spearhead to the spear shaft. And got epoxy all over myself. Quelle fun. I could say all sort of witty things, like, "I'm stuck on reenacting" or "I have a strange attraction to my spear," but I think I'll settle for just, "Spewwwwww" and "I didn't know that much lint fit on an arm." Where's the sandpaper...? LATER: ice worked better!
Viking Spongebob

This is getting tireso

While looking for something else toyesterday, I found http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/3501/index.html. It's the web page of an ACW Artillery unit, and it has a very good introduction to reenacting (from an ACW viewpoint, of course). Much of it can be easily adapted to any era of living history. Good readin for anyone getting into serious reenacting or even contemplating it. The pages haven't been updated for years, and when I wrote a note of appreciation, all three email addies bounced. If we do a DA version of it, we'll still credit them, of course!