June 6th, 2007

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Today was spent at, among other places, the DMV in a vain attempt to get my father's van transferred over. My sister is the executor of the estate, and she had offered the van to me since her daughters did not want it, but she received a lot of bad information about what was needed. I needed three additional things that she didn't arrange to give me, so I told her what was needed and hope that she brings them along on Sunday when they bring the van over to me. I did contact my insurance people and as of Sunday, I'm paying insurance on it. Woo! More as I find out!

I was called for jury duty yesterday. Two months, ending on August 31 and covering Pennsic and moving my sweetie. Such timing! So I asked for an exemption from duty for those dates. I also listed, under interests, bdsm, which is true and, I think, very relevant. But now we'll see how vanilla the lawyers are around here :)

LJ seems to have stopped acting up, and I guess we'll find out with this post. Anuything more to add?

I had to run out to Forest Glen yesterday to pick something up, and I brought a model along. Now FG is a big place, and this was the fricking middle of the week. But it seemed as if there were little groups everywhere, that showed up wherever we stopped. Very frustrating, and the first time that I had that kind of luck out there :\

Looks like I'm in charge of the local poly group from now on.

Tonight is the second night of TCM's gay and lesbian film festival. A fun festival that has apparently raised the ire of various conservative anti-gay groups. I'll make a confidential announcement: I seldom watch the films themselves, just the introductions and afterwards. I put them on DVD, though, so I can at a later point!

I guess the big thing is that we have started on an introductory reenactors guide for Micel Folcland. Hopefully, it will answer a lot of questions for--and give guidance to--to newcomers to serious reenactment and to the era reenacted. If any of y'all have any questions--or remember things that puzzled you when you began--be kind enough to direct them my way. We're making a contributors' list. To give you an idea of its flavor, this is from the section on reenacting tips--Personal:

"Sigils and Marking Your Possessions—One horn spoon or wooden bowl looks much like another. Micel Folcland maintains a list of sigils—marks or even runes—that represents someone. Using a sigil on personal equipment helps when separating out what belongs to whom at the end of an event! The Norse even made little wooden markers with their names that they laid on their possessions, so this not a modern reenactorism!"

There are also sections on Accuracy versus Safety, Dealing with the Public, Sex, and Personal Hygiene!
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