June 9th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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Everything takes three times as long as I planned. I was going to get illos ready for a book; I ended up taking an hour of photos when one after another was not what I really wanted. I was going to shape an oak staff for accepting a spearhead for display; my work area is filled with stuff that had to be moved. I was going to scoop the sand out of the firebox and disassemble it, putting the sand into a hole. Julie has not yet cut the weeds, so I couldn't even find the hole! I found a bucket, washed it and filled it with (most of) the sand, and we'll use the sand at Jubilee.

I found an addy to inquire about barrels, and I was directed to another person--the head of the most worshipful company of coopers in London, but he doesn't do email, so I have to send a snail letter. I decided to work on a new mallet, cutting it with hatchet and wedge from a piece of a tree. It split wrong, and I'm not satisfied, but after all the work involved, I'm not discarding it. A session on the sander helped, though I'll probably have to do further handing and manual shaping before I'm pleased.

Now I'm tired and sore, resting from my exertions. A long shower got rid of the sawdust, and I'm ready to head up into the attic to start grabbing stuff for next weekend. And they are rerunning all the episodes of "Medieval People" on History International. Guess I won't have to deal with Star Trek Tech, Modern Marvels or Hitler's Nascar Aspirations tonight!

I miss my sweetie. If she's reading this, a big hug and kiss!
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