June 12th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Much to Do (or have done to me...)

Today is gonna be a bitch. Dentist at 9, and then I get to go over to DMV to try to transfer the title on my dad's van. There's more stuff I need to get done today, but these are the ones that will take the most time and energy.

The "more stuff" is getting ready for the Jubilee Old English Fair this weekend. Julie and I (and maybe a friend) will be heading over on friday morning to start setting up. The fair is always fun, and this may be the last. Every LHE is better than the last, and we hope to have a couple new faces on the line this time around. If you're not doing anything else this weekend, and Peoria is close, stop on by. Say hello (we'll hopefully be in the living history ghetto at the bottom of the hill, just down from the SCA arena). Join up :)

A shout-out to my pal, aztecknight, who will be on the road most of the next couple days to get his wife (and another old pal), sgtgwn, to a funeral for one of her Civwar pards. Be safe on the road, and take care at the funeral & all. I owe you both hugs this weekend at Jube!