June 13th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

That obligatory Zombie Post

There are five zombies in the front room, cowering because everyone seems out to get them. There used to be seven, but they turned on CNN, and two couldn't stand the Paris Hilton coverage. "We're zombies," they croaked, "and even *we* know this is BS!"

Zed--at least I think his name is Zed since someone knocked off the bottom of his jaw--was the first. The look of sheer panic in his eyes really got to me. The others showed up later. Apparently there's a zombie underground that keeps them abreast of zombieist behavior. They're mostly quiet and well behaved, although I'm trying to keep them on the drop cloths. One even ambled out a while ago to quiet the barking dogs next door; I've wanted to do that ever since she got that second dog.

Someday the paranoia will be over, I assured Zed. Someday the zombies can live peacefully among the living. I mean not even Lindsay Lohan faces the prejudice that these poor zombies face, and why? Just because they nibble on brains. And Zed himself said that they stuck to humanities majors!