June 14th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

On the Wisdom of Waiting Til the Last Minute

There is none (grabs for more aspirin).

Yesterday was spent getting together pictures for my program today at the library, fillin and refilling an oak cask to make it swell, counting the number of tent ropes I still have and pounding out crooked metal stakes (I lent them and my tent to a friend, and he brought them back molded, bend, missing and with a torn roof; no good deed goes unpunished!). I'm especially sore from beating the stakes into shake; I think it used muscles I normally just neglect :\ A great way to get ready for the weekend...

We leave for Peoria and Jube early tomorrow morning; I hope they put the Micel Folcland camp in the same place as last year because it was perfect! If you'll be at Jube, I hope you'll stop by!