June 15th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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I'm nearly packed for Jubilee, and the van isn't full. This van is bigger than the old one. Yay! Hopefully, I'll get there about noon or so tomorroe and set up leisurely.

The library program today was a great success. There were over 50 kids (most about eight or nine I think) and parents there, and I had a fun time answering questions, showing artifacts and so forth. They passed around dice, coins and the like, and we very carefully watched them as they lifted the weapons. They--and their folks--were really interested. One kid was fascinated by the difference between the real steel and rebated-steel weapons and was disappointed that I didn't have "a sword for your fighting" there. Sitting on the bench beforehand, I talked to a couple girls. I was playing knucklebones, and they wanted to try. They weren't that good at it, but they had fun. At least until one little girl asked, "What are these?" "Bones,' I said. "Bones!" she cried. "Yuck! I'm not gonna play with bones!" She dropped the bones, and an adult to one side (I think her mother) thought that was funny as heck. I did notice her later, playing with the knucklebones again :)

Afterwards, they wrote runes and made Viking ships. They looked thru the exhibits, wrote the hell out of my wax tablet and asked a lot of questions. One young gentleman came wearing a plastic horned helmet and was disappointed when I pointed out that real Vikings didn't wear horned helmets. He had a great time; before he left, he showed me his Viking ship. I thought the two sails coming up like a V was pretty unique :) Later, I was told that the program was more successful than most other programs they have had for kids that large. A few future reenactors in the audience, I think!

Then back home, pulling together a small forest of beds, tents, stools and benches. I'm exhausted. And I've got a bunch of stuff to do before I leave tomorrow morning...