June 18th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Jubilee Old English Fair

It was hot. damned hot. And they had turned off the water, so any water was trucked in (although vendors were selling water at a high price). Attendance was low. That was the worst parts about the weekend.

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Viking Spongebob

Random Pieces of Life

1. I bought a three pack of flash drives on clearance today since they're not the latest technology. But they're good enough for me; does that I have low standards?

2. My battery died for my camera before Jubilee, but I didn't notice; and it was too damn hot to go out and remember to get more. So only a few pix on my pda. But today, I bought the last 15-minute rechargeable batteries that Radio Shack had; they're on clearance as well :\

3. The SCA is fun when you're not involved with the petty politics (or rather, you can look at the petty politics and laugh because they don't involve you!)

4. It's hot. I didn't know a human body had this much moisture...

5. It's been five minutes of rain, ten minutes of hot, then five minutes of rain all day tioday. Makes unloading the van from the weekend a bitch all the way around!

6. I miss my little sweetie. I look at her on my screensaver every day but won't see her again in the flesh for almost a month. Where are those damned transporters?

7. Everyone should have the right to shoot one person during his lifetime. It'd make you feel better, and others like the shootee might mend their qways to avoid being next year's victim. I'm just saying...

8. People who leave SCA (or other) camping sites messy should be consigned to a special level of hell.

9. This weekend, we came up with a bunch of things to do in Regia camp. Getting together always seems to styart peoplew thinking!

10. Are historical clothing required for something to be living history? Can you do living history--sailing Lon-Tiki for example--in modern dress? But if you do dress in historic clothes, shouldn't they be right? And if you camp in a nylonmg tent, use a Coleman stove, wear a fantasy outfit, talk about modern things and sing modern songs but say that it's living history, does that make it living history? I feel a post coming on...