June 21st, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Small Successes

It's hot. No breeze. There are supposed to be Tstorms coming, but they haven't helped yet...

I spent most of the afternoon working on Micel Folcland's email account with Yahoo (a paid account btw). It wouldn't work, despite everything I did; now it is working, even though I did nothing new. I know, gift horse, mouth, all that sort of thing. It's still frustrating!

Once it is was all fixed, though, I was able to set up a Paypal account for Micel Folcland with no problem. They even had a special setting for a nfp! We'll be spending the next few days getting everything perfect, but hopefully we'll be able to take Paypal in time for memberships.

A few other things went on today, but these were the big things. It just is amusing to have to go through such more work to get something so simple done. I hope I don't have to do anythingh big until the weather breaks!