June 25th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Start of the Week

Well, I have most of the work done on new books for Pennsic, and I won't start pulling out other stuff until next week. So I guess I will clean up and make room for ll the stuff I have to pull out to get ready. I have talked with Cindy and have my usual space next to the Barn (just about straight across from the small back door) at Pennsic. Stop by and say hello (or spit on me; you can even do both!) I especially hope to meet more members (and potential members) of Regia!

My big sweetie shows up in the middle of the second week; my little sweetie can't makle it--again.

My little sweetie is learning to drive. Okay, learning to be more familiar with driving, since she got her license a couple years ago but had hardly driven since (she certainly does want to drive my large rattletraps, but her new apartment is not within walking distance of her office). She tells me she's doing fine, although her calf muscles hurt when she has to hit the accelerator while going up hills. I think she's just a little tense still, and she should get over that problem right soon (especially since hereabout has no bumps, let alone hills and mountains). She's planning on shopping for a car when she gets back (she's been looking around elsewhere and has an idea of what she wants). I'm so proud of my sweetie!

Yesterday was Ghostbusters and Ed Woods day (the Tim Burton film, not the actual Ed Woods films). They all still stand up. What should I watch while I'm working today? Something light and whimsical. "Dogma" maybe...