July 12th, 2007

Viking Spongebob


Just taking a moment to write before things get entirely too hectic :)

I've packed all of the stock and most everything else I need for Pennsic, and it just has to be piled into the van. Today, I finished blocks for new display bins, replaced the molded ropes on some of my tent ropes. they're still manila; I can't find suitable hemp ropes in Urbana :\ I go to cut a few more slides right now; the person I lent the tent to--you've heard my story about that!--also seems to have lost the extras that I had.

I finally had time to get down to the basement and check the fuse box. Sure enough, the fuse for the hot tub had been blown (probably by an electrical storm back a bit), so at least it's working. On Sunday I try to get the lawn mower going...

I washed dishes, did laundry and ironed the curtains for the stock shelves. I went shopping for incidentals yesterday. I still have to pack my clothes trunk and my sea chest, but I have most of it ready to go.

My sweetie gets back in town Sunday evening, and my "free" time vanishes. She's already planned out what I need to do to move her :) My big sweetie has volunteered to help for half a day; I don't get off that easy (but the reward will, hopefully, be greater as well!).