July 13th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Reenactor Fest Forum

You might recall me raving about how fun Reenactorfest 2 was (my wife described it as "Pennsic in a hotel" especially since many of the vendors brought goods that had been in campfire all season and reeked of smoke). Today, I received the following:


There is now a forum devoted to Reenactor Fest at reenactor.net! The web
address is:


Please pass this on to any other folks you think might enjoy it. It's a
great place to reminisce, make contact with folks you met at past Reenactor Fests,
and it's also a great place to discuss the future of the convention. All
ideas and feedback are welcome! Reenactor Fest 3 (Gettysburg) is full steam
ahead, and the tables are 80% sold out! It's going to be a great weekend!
Reenactor Fest 4 (Chicago) is right on the heels of that, so I know that MY winter
will be a busy one!

Hope everybody is having a great summer!

Best regards -

Mike Bollow
Viking Spongebob

In Defense of SCA Practices

You know, by now, that I am annoyed by the fact that the SCA says one thing and does another, but you still ight be surprised by this post.

There has lately been a brouhaha in another kingdom in which reigning royalty did what it wanted, apparently in spite of polls, etc. The persons affected--and their friends--feel that they have been poorly treated. When the topic first came up, I kept my peace out of respect for those who felt they were wronged. However, it has just come up anew and, quite frankly, I again see no reason why they are upset.

The SCA's eccentric way of choosing its rulers, along with its statements that the King's Rule is Law and admonitions that the crown can do whatever it pleases. For thirty-some years, I have seen royal decisions that seemed capricious, wrong or rude, and I have no doubt that I will continue to see them. Complain? Yes. Talk with the crown. Maybe, if I know them well. But be surprised? Never. In cases like this, I have been forewarned. It is a case of the SCA saying one thing and then doing it! Even if I disagree with the action, how can I be truly upset with it?