July 19th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

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This is my fourth attempt to post this. Last night, my internet connection disconnected all evening after two to five minutes. Very frustrating...

I'm hurrying to get it posted :\Well, after an afternoon in a hot dusty attic moving stuff last weekend, I got to spend a day moving my sweetie, but i was neither an attic nor that dusty and there were more folk helping. Then I got to come home and start moving things for Pennsic. My new van is longer tnan the old, and I should be able to get the poles in within removing the console between front seats. Yay! I also wen thru and weeded my costumes for Pennsic. each year, I bring more than I use; this year, I'm just bringing as many (a la hawkyns, though i must admit I was contemplating this very thing before hehad announced he was doing it). With more free time than I had expected, I installed my OCR program and OCRed a cople books (they were still in daisy wheel).

For persons interested in Regia and/or serious reenacting, we are organizing a Regia get-together at Pennsic. Details will be worked out later, but we will probably be having an informal dinner at Talyland (even though George Johnson (Talymar) might be unable to be there this year). Accurate costume will not be required. Further information here and will be up at the Folump Enterprises booth (#67).