July 26th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Almost Packed

Too tired to be excited. But almost everything is packed for Pennsic but posters, mattresses (I won't forget them this year) and some odds and ins. plus The Milly's stuff. There are many little nooks and crannies; but coming back, we'll have one additional passenger, so we might have tp strap stuff to the top of the roof. But that's two weeks in the future. Come and buy a lot of stuff (Folump Enterprises, Booth 67 by the barn) so we have new room (that hopefullt won't be filled by new books; I'm looking for some YAT books, plus knives for the folc). Plenty tired and all cursed out. I go out later to take my sweetie to the car dealer (and her insurance and then back to the car dealer; it's a long story), so I'll see whether it's all snug and ready for travel!

I won't be taking off until tomorrow afternoon or evening, but all I have to do is relax...and maybe work on anew book...

Oh, and while supplies last, free Zombie Babe figurines to folk who stop by and ask for one (and Bo, I have one saved for ya here if we run out befoe you stop by!).
Viking Spongebob


Cuz I'm a ramblin' kind a guy...

Last night my sweeties and I had a family date. We went to Olive Garden (my sweetie and I had our first date there). They had portabello ravioli; delicious. But the waitess was one of those overly familiar types. You know, offerin advice, criticizing our choices, making othe recommendations, etc. Then ignored us when we needed drink refills. I orderd the ravioli; she said, "Oh don't get that. Get this steak and portabello." "I'm trying to cut down on red meat." "Oh live a little. It doesn't matter that much. Have the steak." "I don't wan the steak..." "But you owe it to yourself to have the steak...' One or the other of my sweeties said, "I think he wants the ravioli," and the waitress finally allowed me to order what I wanted (but she was obviously unhappy)

Now, I usually tip between twenty and twenty-five percewnt. She got a ten percent tip.

Then we went to Border's. A special order (manga) was in for my little sweetie. My big sweetie looked at the craft books, and I saved my book money for Pennsic. I hope Jon (at Windrose) has some more YAT books!

Back home, I have some ham that I slice for sandwiches. I was going to eat it all before I left because my sweetie is trying to be a vegetarian. But I took a chunk next door to the cat side, and VI went nuts. VIII anmd VII didn't really care. V was hesitant, but little VI was a little ho! She climbed on my knee, took chunks of ham from my hand, wolfed it down so she could return for more and beat the hell out of V when V finally took a chunk. So I'm leaving ham for Julie to reward VI.

Remembered more I want to bring. the last time I brought a DVD player, it crapped out. But I need it to play selections from Erica Neely's new CD (with "Average Scadian Girl") and...well, _300_ is being released on DVD Tuesday!