August 14th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Pennsic--Part One

After a late start, The Milly and I got on site at ten on Saturday, checked in and started to set up in the rain. Discovered that my tent top had a rip in it (never lend a tent to a friend; have I mentioned that already?) and The Milly did a whip stitch on it but said she didn't think it would hold (it did; the canvas swelled; but there were other little holes I discovered when the rains started). Took her down to her camping site and got a parking space at the house down the hill. Spent the first few days setting up and talking to friends. Tuesday saw a second expedition to town to buy "300." Opened up about ten.

And sat. It was in the 90s, with no breeze. I sat. Sweated and watching the zombies walk by. Sales sucked, and the only consolation was that everybody's sales sucked. they weren't just picking on me! (typical vendor interchange: "How were your sales?" "they sucked." "Oh good. mine did as well!"). I spent a lot of time on the stoop of the camp store, smoking cigars and talking to friends who came to buy ice.

That pretty much summed up the first week. But this war had everything. At the end of the week, the rains came and didn't really go away...