August 15th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Pennsic-Part Two

I generally stay close to the shop the first week. The furthest I go is up to the store; if theweather is good, I head to town in the early morning. When Julie gets there on Monday or tuesday of the second week, then I wander around. Not this year. It started raining, and I didn't want to leave the tent. I saw no fighting, no classes, visited no camps and missed memorials for Bearengaer, Solly (he's doing fine; they were just telling stories) and Dave Weir. As it turned out, it was lucky I did, since the stakes regularly tore out of the ground. Mistress Nonna's tent next door was not set up right, and they had to dump out huge volumes of water that seemed to damage the ground more on that side than the regular rainfall did on thew other.

Oh, did I mention it started raining? And kept raining. But to make up for that, it was oppressively hot and humid when the rain stopped. I had to postpone a couple trips to town because it was raining too hard. When miss Julie got there, she was already sick (and gave it to me; I'm coughing as I write this) and didn't want to do anything, so I couldn't wander the way that I wanted. Ah well.

Rumors of Godzilla coming to Pennsic were rampant this year (that is the short hand in our area for bad storms). Every year, folk seem to delight in warning people that the worst storm of this or any other century is coming. The way that the weather report fluctuated didn't help, and one night, I heard four separate reports in as many minutes (an everybody was told by a friend that they trusted implicitly). But the rains were not that heavy most of the time. There was only one or two instances of wind. There were only only three floods in the tent (and only once had a current of its own). The continuous rain was disheartening, and a lot of people bugged out early, and I had to dry clothes twice. Bones ached, and sales sucked but, let me tell you, it was not the worst Pennsic ever. No way. It was irritating but hardly catastrophic. Next segment, I talk about the fun and funny parts of Pennsic this year...