August 22nd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

My Life is a Weirdnes Magnet

Weirdness rules my life, and I feel like Dan Cassidy without the horns...

Yesterday was Quad Day, when student organizations at the University of Illinois pimp their organizations to new students. The Chambana Medievalists Association was out there promoting the SCA, Regia and St. Sebastian (14th century reenactors who had fled the SCA). Weather uncertainty gave way to sun so sneakily that we never had time to break out the suntan lotion. I'm feeling a bit (sun) burnt right now.

The day was weird. the usual combination of freaks who were interested, uberfreaks who didn't quite get it and the folks who give us a wide berth staring straight ahead or smiling condescendingly. Not to mention the Asian students who just didn't get it and the ACW reenactors who did (uncluding one whowas excited since she wanted to do medieval with standards). The usual time when the most passersby come is the noon hour. Not today; noon was a relative ghost town. And people usually come up and talk before signing. This year, quite a few came up, signed the contact list and moved away. No conversation. Not a word. They did not even look at the literature. Were they signing up for everything to get mail? I don't know. Weird!

My sleep schedule is fucked, so I tucked myself in fairly early--after House in fact--and so am up at 4. Hmmmmmm. Sleep schedule is still fucked. Okay, not weird, but frustrating as hell!

I have 5 of 8 LSH toys from McDonalds. I still have to get Timber Wolf, Brainiac 5 and Validus. Two very weird thing there. There are three Fatal 5. And there are no female legionnaires (these are boy toys after all). I say we're breeding a generation of Nancy boys and frustrated Lesbians! Give us the women!

The Midrealm elist has devolved into name calling and rants again. Guess that is normal by now, not weird. I love the knight who is admonishing everyone to be quiet about the whole identity theft issue because the BoD said to, then turns around to say that he does kowtow to the BoD and that (basically) anyone who sez anyone in the SCA sucks up to them in power just hasn't read how the SCA works. Guess he's entitled to his opinion, but all that went thru my mind was that the web page sez the SCA does one thing but common knowledge indignantly sez the SCA does something else. Not exactly a stellar example in my book. You just don't tell everyone should play by the rules...unless they shouldn't. But his posts are always entertaining!

Today, I finally head to the Simpsons movie. Julie and I went to the Bourne Ultimatum on Sunday (Julie has the hots for Matt Damon and loves the Bourne movies). Quite an entertaining romp, although all the Bourne movies are pretty much the same...and Jason Bourne is no Homer Simpson! Is it weird that you look at Homer as a great action film hero?

This weekend, more work at my dad's house sorting out stuff. Why did my mother feel impelled to keep every jelly jar she ever owned but nothing of any value? Weird...