August 23rd, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Hangeroc Heaven

The past few years at Pennsic, the trend seems to have been pseudo-middleeastern costume. Cabaret, gwazi, most anything that looks cool no matter how remote it was from reality (they didn't have nylon stretch sports bras in medieval Arabia did they?). There were no deficiency of such this year but...

It sometimes seemed that a third of the women wore apron dresses. I don't know why. Someone said because they were cool (temperature-wise), which came as news to me since I regularly hear my wife talking about hers. And *good* apron dresses. Most of them tubes, very few fly swatter-type tabards. With brooches that looked good and only a few that were sewn straps. And even more than a few double loop straps instead of a single strap (the Thor Ewing controversy; I found myself staring at women's shoulders just to see the style used and feeling like a pervert with a poor sense of direction). Normally, I'd be very happy. But the men walking with them didn't wear even what looked like a bad attempt at Norse dress. So it left me confused. I'm all for the popularization of the era, but I had the feeling that infatuation with the culture was minimal. If y'all were at Pennsic and wore a hangeroc, why?