August 26th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Book Review

I picked up a copy of _Team of Rivals_ at Pennsic. It's about Lincoln's political genius and how he peopled his cabinet with former adversaries. Not only is it exciting reading (I haven't finished it yet but want to recommend it), but it has actually provided some Lincoln trivia that I didn't know. Like...

Lincoln loved bowling. He wasn't any good, but he was enthusiastic about it.

One of the anecdotes that Lincoln told on the circuit was when Ethan Allan visited Britain after the war. His host tried to tweak him and get a rise out of him, with insults about the USA and about General Washington. Allan never rose to the bait. Finally, the host put a picture of Washington in the outhouse. Still no response. finally, he asked Allan if he liked where he had hung the picture of Allan's precious Washington. Allan said he thought that it was the most appropriate place for it. A little astonished, the hostr asked why. Allan replied, "Because there's nothing that will get a Britisher to shit more quickly than the sight of General Washington."

The Wigwam was so named because the chiefs of the new republican Party were going to be there.

Although Lincoln had enough votes to win his first senatorial race, he released the votes to an adversary with only five because he didn't want the Democrat to win.

Lincoln was a political genius. Reading the behind-the-scenes account of his political maneuverings before the Presidential nomination is thrilling. I'm in the middle of the nominating process right now; I'm really looking forward to reading how the sly bastard got his enemies onto the cabinet and behind him.

Get the book and read it. the way I'm reading it in snippets and pieces, you'll probably finish it before I do!