August 28th, 2007

Viking Spongebob

Torturing a Cat

I have a pop-up nylon-mesh-side clothes hamper that I use when the regular clothes baskets overflow. After Pennsic, they did.

VI and VII found that while I was waitnag to put the laundry away (I wasn't lazy; it was hot), that it ws great place to take naps. The temperature cooled own, the humidity lessened, and I started to put the laundry away.

VIII was sprawled inside the hamper. It was full enough that it rolled over a bit, so he could get inside. When I started pulling clothes out, he didn't move. When I had most of the clothes out, it was not nearly as comfortable s before, and he tried to get out. By now, the sides stood up straight. There was no piles of clothes inside to help him out.

Frustrated kitty. VIII is large. Any other of the cats could just levitate out. Not VIII. He is too heavy to levitate and just scrambled. When he tried to climb up the side, the wire collapsed the hamper in on him. When he threw his not inconsiderable bulk against the side, it tipped, then sprang back into place. After about five frantic minutes, he managed to actually tip it over, and he scrambled out. I finished putting the clothes away and walked out into the kitchen. He still had food left (its health food, and the fells don't like it nearly as much as their regular food), and he was busy eating, looking up and regarding me with that deadly serious gaze that indignant kitties have, sort of "If I just had opposable thumbs, I know where you keep the guns..."